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Shanghai Old Street

Monday, July 4th, 2011

When arrived in Shanghai, we quickly set our mind to go to Shanghai Old Street first, as the first spot of our Shanghai Tours , just like Wangfujing in Beijing to foreigners.

Under the archway of the “Shanghai Old Street” seated a pair of Bronze Lions, which imitate the image of Taihe Palace in Forbidden City. I have been compared these lions with those in Beijing, they resemble much, they are similar not only from the posture, decoration but also from demeanor. I think it is because the bronze lions are precious, so the two imitated lions are placed before Shanghai Old Street.

We are lucky enough to meet an old Shanghainese, who is warm-hearted to introduce the street to us. He pointed to the side streets, while telling us, this street is at a total length of 825 meters, in Shanghai Fang Bang Central Road, The east side and the west end respectively connected with Renmin Road and Henan South Road, close to Shanghai Yu Garden. The construction of this street is in accordance with its shape and topography of the distribution, remaining the basic style of business style, inheriting the construction style of Ming and Qing Dynasty, reflecting deep folk culture.

The architecture in west sector of the street imitate the architecture of Ming and Qing style, highlighting the folk customs of Shanghai Old City. The black tiles and the red pillars reflecting the distinctive flavor and style in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. And with lattice windows and doors, painted plaque outlines the image of the Old City.

The east sector of Shanghai Street retain the style of the architecture in the late Qing, the early Republican periods. Stores dotted along the twists and turns of the streets on both sides are decorated with latticed windows, fan railings, floor rocker doors, together with cornices on the roof, dripping lace and wharf wall, you will immediately have a feeling that you are back to the 20s-30s.

Shanghai Old Street

A Grand ARchway in the front of Shanghai Old Street


Inside Shanghai Old Street

Shops lined on either side of Shanghai Old Street