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Marvelous West Lake Impression

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

So depressed that I got cold as I arrived at Hangzhou, the dizzy feeling stopped my any possibilities to have Hangzhou tours. When I was sleeping on the queen bed in the later afternoon, Thomas came back with his father, talking all the way happily about the West Lake. “Sorry, mum, you were not here! But, I got a present for you”. Since I regained some strength and knew I should do sth. to delight myself. After we had supper in hotel, we picked up a taxi directly to the Opera to see West Lake Impression.

It is a light show which is set on the lake and a cast of hundreds perform Chinese ballet. The story itself is simple, a boy met a girl (goddess), they married, but bad guys split them up, then boy made his way for the girl, happy ending. An hour’s performance was marvelous, filling with true artistic majesty.


Xuxian and Bai Suzhen



White snake Baisuzhen and Human Xuxian



Stage on the West Lake



Water Curtain of Impression West Lake



Stages of Impression West Lake