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Beijing Never Disappoint You

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Since I have been to Beijing for days, so I really mean you’re never bored here and Beijing will never cease to amaze you. Beijing tours have many attractons to you and that motivated me to even wake up early daily.

We decided to look around the 798 modern district for we weren’t so interested into the ancient bridges, towers and temples attractions. They told us it would take around an hour, however, we did it in half an hour. Did we prove our roots right or what? 798 modren art district was an old industrial compound which was completely transformed into an art district. It was quite impressive, yeah sort of, however it was more for the “artists”. So we decided to head back and have some lunch. However, all nearby restaurants seemed quite expensive. When we were at the end of the street, the guy said” why not this one?” There wasn’t a restaurant left on the street except for a small alleyway, into which there was a small shop selling kinds of noodles, fried rices etc. When we walked into the alleyway and the shop, there was a Chinese guy who quickly showed us to tour seats. Then he served us excellent cold noodles, where we ended up paying CNY 20 for. This is the real China alright.

If you wanted to go out Beijing downtown, the Great Wall would also impress you with its splendid beauty. To us, we decided to head towards the furthest part to avoid any other foreigners. We needed a privatee minibus for the last 55km’s since there was no local transport for it. To find one was quite hard, they were simply too expensive, so well denied them all. Really annoyed by one driver who wanted to seel his ride, I almost sold my coat to him by keeping follow with him. Thus, he was so annoyed by me that eventually he left.

The Great Wall itself was incredibly beautigul, and most important was there was only us. We could do whatever we wanted. It was simply perfect. When we arrived at the other end of the section we noticed the sign that said it was closed for renovations. Sorry what? didn’t we pay for the entrance? You can understand that it wasn’t really “official”. When we were at the other end of the Great Wall, there were even several farmers that requested CNY 20 for us to pass. If we would’ve refused we’d have to walk back for several hours. We bypassed their gate they had and walked straight onto their fields. Quite an adventure in China. We were quite exhausted when we came back nonetheless we went out.

In the following days, I had the real roasted Peking Duck in Dadong’s Peaking Duck, the most beautiful restaurant you’ve ever seen. Besides, since I’ve been here more than a week so it was time to move on as well. I did know I wanted to see Zhangjiajie (the most beautiful mountains in the world). On the other hand, the hostel helped me and eventually we decided on Wudang Shan, have no idea where that was. Just wanted to move on and not think too much.



Dragon People

Beijing Wild Great Wall

Enjoyable Beijing-Xian Tour

Friday, July 1st, 2011

We were picked up at the hotel in Beijing this morning for the ride out to the Beijing Airport. It meant begin of our China tour. We just missed a major road closing as some important Chinese delegate was arriving from the Airport and all the military transports were positioned to shutdown the highway at any moment to allow them to pass.

We discussed this for quite some time and decided to tip on the rates we were most experienced with – that is, how their service landed on us versus what might be appropriate locally. They were both great and we would not have seen, understood or enjoyed 1/4 of what they presented to us if we were on our own. Mr. Dong was awesome – not a word of English, but knew the roads (and the back roads) as good as any one could.

Travel in Xian and the Terra Cotta Warriors was a good experience. Boarding was on time. It was about a two hour flight to Xian on China Eastern Airlines. Lunch was beef and rice or noodles and chicken – based on Ginny’s reaction the noodles and chicken was not very good. John’s rice and beef was okay. We put on our Bose headphones our way through it. It was great to listen to the music.

Xian is considered a medium sized city in China, where has a lot of great roads again and the Sheraton in Xian is as good as it can be – even comes with a separate sitting room with a view of the city.

As it is well known, the history of Terra Cotta Warriors is so long that there is a legend about it: a farmer who found the Emperors 2,200 warriors, made with slave labor over 37 years to accompany the Emperor into the afterlife when he passed on, really did not want this to happen to him.

It was 1974, just before the end of the Cultural Revolution. Needless to say, his life changed big time but he was compensated by the Peoples Republic of China for the land, is 80 years old today and spends much of his time at the exhibition signing autographs. All of these brought fame and respect for him.

We took a walk late this afternoon around Xian. We saw a lot of historical and cultural relics in Xi’an. Pretty much major culture shock but we went into shops and engaged the people and made it across the streets without harm. Fewer cars here as income is lower in Xian then Beijing. I hope these precious treasures are protected well and we can have another visit sometime.

Enjoyable Beijing-Xian Tour1

Xian Terra Cotta People


Enjoyable Beijing-Xian Tour2

Xian Terra Cotta Warriors

Enjoyable Beijing-Xian Tour3

Lifelike Terra Cotta People

Tuesday in Beijing

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Thank goodness. I had a good night’s sleep! Today we plan to a beijing day tours, including hear from a Peking University lecturer and the Sackler Museum at Peking University, then go to the Summer Palace, at last, the evening at a show of Chinese Acrobats!

Ok, we began to our plan. LIU, Jiang took part in us from Peking University to tell us about his research into the Song Dynasty (960-1279) and how they governed through the use of an official document system. It was interesting and I have noted some: There are five phases of change: fire (red), wood (green), earth (yellow), metal (white), and water (black). Two views: Generating vs Overcoming. Generating: wood feeds fire; fire creates earth; earth bears metal; metal carries water
Last two Southern Song emperors were really Mongols. 

He answered our questions and rode with us part-way to our first destination: the Summer Palace. In order to know more about Summer Palace, our told us the history about it: the Summer Palace is about 25 miles away and will take at least an hour to get there Beijing has 10 districts, each with a specific purpose: Central Business District, Financial District, Silicone Valley type. We enjoyed a tour of the park, with an area of about roughly 716 acres, Kunming Lake in the south and Longevity Hill in the north. The Manchurian Emperors of the Qing Dynasty liked the beautiful scenery of the South of China. SO, he had the materials brought up via the Grand Canalwas used to build the hill, Longevity Hill, celebrating his mother’s 60th birthday.

Coming out of it, we took a visit to the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archeology, located on the campus of Peking University. It has a lot of precious collections. Then, we went to the Chinese Acrobats exhibit. This was quite an exciting hour and a half! We saw Gymnasts, jugglers, women doing back bends and such that shouldn’t ought to be done.

At last, it was a pretty good tour even it was just one day. But we experienced Beijing, it is the most in journey, right?


Peking University

A palace-like building complex in Peking University


Tuesday in Beijing2

Arthur M. Sackler Museum


Tuesday in Beijing1

Elegant Bridge in Peking University

Beautiful Sunrise of Great Wall

Friday, July 1st, 2011

It takes our 6 hours from Gubeikou Great Wall to Jinshanling Great Wall  at 5:00pm, September 12, 2009. However, it’s not an end of our China Beijing Great Wall tour. In fact, it’s a new beginning since our next travel plan was to watch the sunset on the Great Wall, especially on the Jinshanling Great Wall. We were reminded by the ticket collector that the sun would drop below the horizon or the Wall in 20-30 minute! We only had few minutes. If we miss the sunset, we had to wait for another day. It will be woeful if we can’t watch the sunset.

As a result, we decided to catch this sunset trying our best. So we don’t take a short break, and restart our walking engine, trying to have a better place on the wall to view the sunset. All of a sudden, I felt trembling and twitching in the legs muscles, oh, I see. It is must be a result of the broken balance of the continued walking speed in the past 6 hours. I had no choice but to stop, bended and sat on the roadside massaging my two legs. I really don’t want to this happened to me now.

But I have no time to spoil myself for the great temptation of capturing the glowing sunset. I have limpped with lame legs from the entrance to the base of Jinshanling Great Wall. When we clambering up the wall, I was breathless and pooped. Fortunately, perseverance is victory! I passed through 4 watch towers on the west section of Jinshanling Great Wall non-stop and located a good site for my sunset photographing. Now, you can see some pictures about it.


Sunrise at Great Wall

Great Wall at Sunrise

It is really worth limpping with my lame legs to catch this scene. The great wall looks so wonderful under the glare of the sunset. I can’t help holding my breath to engrave it in my mind.


Great Wall

Sunrise at Great Wall

Then we climb a higher spot of great wall. Oh, the scenery here is beautiful, too. From distance, great wall is just like a huge yellow dragon around the mountain.


We are close to the sun, can you see? It is a unique experience and we are all happy to have this tour. It deserves a must-see in Beijing, even China.