Unforgettable Xian Tour

Finally, at the end of my China Xian Tour, I tried Xi’an foods which are well known: Stewed Spine & Rib and Spicy & Tingly Lamb Face Salad. Brought it to Columbus Park with Yasmin, who is probably the only person willing to eat lamb face and spine with me. I was not sure what was tingly about the lamb face, but the fleshy parts were soft and delicious and the roof mouth bits were quite crunchy. It was the most expensive one on the menu: $8.75.

We ordered the Stewed Spine & Rib with the noodles ($5). There wasn’t much meat on the bones, but whatever was quite soft. When I was looking back at my photos, I thought there was a photo of me chewing the spine bone. But I still cannot find it, just Yesmin’s. The hand-pulled noodles are still tasty.

I practiced with my new camera and new lens. Hard to shoot the food, but it was quite easy to shoot the old Chinese people in the park. Those umbrellas in the tree were for shade I though. An old man laughed at me when he saw me taking a photo of food. Another man hocked up a mean loogie when we ate aforementioned food. Though there was no Senior Citizens Chinese Opera that time, but I still liked that park. And now I am still immersed in the tasty of said food.

Xian Noodles

Xian Noodles

Do you want to have a taste? That’s reeeeeeeeally tasty. Haha

Xian Noodles2

Very delicious

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