Suzhou Can You Feel My Love?

An ancient Chinese saying goes “in the sky, there is a heaven, on the earth, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou”. Suzhou and hangzhou are both famous for their gardens, beautiful women and silk. So we are excited to know that our China travel agent arranged our the Suzhou travel. On the other hand, we had a exciting time spent on the carrages(6 birth sleepers), with ipod switched up, and another intrepid group near by, we drank our way through it.

As we arrived at Suzhou, unfortunately we haven’t seen any sign or paper with our names written on. So we four people walk slowly to the exit to make sure that someone would call our name, but nice to see that a nice young lady of Suzhou Hotel awaited for us with our names written on a piece of paper. BTW,suzhou food was a little bit sweet than most of China’s, especially the fish with red soup.

Next day, we hired bikes, and rode to explore the city to see the stone bridges, the wooden houses, the running water, the bustling markets, streets and the smelling tofu. Meanwhile, we did enjoy a beautiful garden, have no idea of the Chinese name. On the way beack we get split up at the crazy crossings, though the winding roads confused us a lot, we all made it safely.

At that night, we did go to a local Suzhou SOS Fashion International bar,which is located facing a river. Besides, it seems bars were also very popular among the local youths. You’d have a try of bars in cities of China, you will find some surprises.

Humble Administrators Garden

Hmble Administrators Garden in Suzhou


Suzhou bike

Biking along stone paved roads, enjoying views of alleys and bridges


suzhou canals

Another Bridge cross the Suzhou Canal

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