Beautiful Sunrise of Great Wall

It takes our 6 hours from Gubeikou Great Wall to Jinshanling Great Wall  at 5:00pm, September 12, 2009. However, it’s not an end of our China Beijing Great Wall tour. In fact, it’s a new beginning since our next travel plan was to watch the sunset on the Great Wall, especially on the Jinshanling Great Wall. We were reminded by the ticket collector that the sun would drop below the horizon or the Wall in 20-30 minute! We only had few minutes. If we miss the sunset, we had to wait for another day. It will be woeful if we can’t watch the sunset.

As a result, we decided to catch this sunset trying our best. So we don’t take a short break, and restart our walking engine, trying to have a better place on the wall to view the sunset. All of a sudden, I felt trembling and twitching in the legs muscles, oh, I see. It is must be a result of the broken balance of the continued walking speed in the past 6 hours. I had no choice but to stop, bended and sat on the roadside massaging my two legs. I really don’t want to this happened to me now.

But I have no time to spoil myself for the great temptation of capturing the glowing sunset. I have limpped with lame legs from the entrance to the base of Jinshanling Great Wall. When we clambering up the wall, I was breathless and pooped. Fortunately, perseverance is victory! I passed through 4 watch towers on the west section of Jinshanling Great Wall non-stop and located a good site for my sunset photographing. Now, you can see some pictures about it.


Sunrise at Great Wall

Great Wall at Sunrise

It is really worth limpping with my lame legs to catch this scene. The great wall looks so wonderful under the glare of the sunset. I can’t help holding my breath to engrave it in my mind.


Great Wall

Sunrise at Great Wall

Then we climb a higher spot of great wall. Oh, the scenery here is beautiful, too. From distance, great wall is just like a huge yellow dragon around the mountain.


We are close to the sun, can you see? It is a unique experience and we are all happy to have this tour. It deserves a must-see in Beijing, even China.

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